Dear Heather ~


Time flies! I have been here for twenty-four weeks, and I will go back to my country tomorrow.

I have enjoyed this time here, but I miss my family very much, so I’m looking forward to going back soon.

Everything was nice here. I often talked to my friends, I really like my homestay.  I have my own bedroom and bathroom. I can use the Internet in my bedroom, I can also watch a lot of different kinds of DVD’s.  I remember, when I arrived here, I couldn’t speak English at all. When I came home, you always asked me “How was school for you today”, and often you helped me to do my homework.


Anyway, I really like everything in Vancouver: the city, the weather(although in Vancouver is colder than my country),the home, the people……but, I don’t like Canadian food……..Ha Ha……(Usually my friends say to me “I miss Taiwan food, not miss their??)  ^-^


I spent a great time here, I am so happy. Because I have been to many nice places in Vancouver, The Rocky’s, Whistler, Victoria, Seattle, and I attended a lot of “free” festivals. I met lots of friends who come from different countries, and I think My English is improving.

I have a lot of memories from here, I will take them with me and always remember them.




P.S. Don’t forget me “The pretty Taiwanese girl Angel”, and If you want to com to Taiwan, You can contact with me. Please take care and keep in touch.



September,2nd 2005

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Sweet Memory

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  • Angel
  • Hi, Sally,<br /><br />How are you??工作順利吧!!<br /><br />因我爸生病住院,所以,我取消美國行程,提前回台灣,我已經回來幾天了,感覺還蠻不錯的,不管如何,還是自已的家鄉好。不過,也蠻想念加拿大的一切的。<br /><br />因為那天我跟副總有約,所以蠻匆忙的,沒時間跟你打招呼!!而且,我看每位同事都很忙,埋頭苦幹,我也不好意思打擾。若有機會的話,我還真希望能跟Wieson 的好同事們聊聊、聚聚呢??<br /><br />至於回 Wieson 嘛!!目前還不確定,或許會回去,或許不會回去,我姊老闆希望我創業,自已開公司,不過,目前我沒資金,所以,我還在考慮是否要創業。<br /><br />祝你一切順利哦!!Bye
  • 萱
  • 聽說您回來了,那天有來公司,可惜沒注意到您~應該很開心吧,終於回到您的家鄉了,好好享受這幾天和親友團聚的歡樂時光吧~<br /><br />何時回來上班呀?:呵呵~